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Rosehip Oil | 100% Pure & Cold Pressed
Rosehip Oil | 100% Pure & Cold Pressed
Rosehip Oil | 100% Pure & Cold Pressed

Rosehip Oil | 100% Pure & Cold Pressed

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Wrinkle, pigmentation and scar reduction

This unrefined cold-pressed Rosehip oil is rich in linoleic acid (omega 3), linolenic acid (omega 6) and pro-vitamin A (retinoic acid). Rosehip oil is also known as rosehip oil. Our Chilean rosehip oil is of the highest quality and even contains 30-40% Alpha Linolenic Acid.
More's Rosehip oil has a wonderfully earthy and warm scent. The oil smells slightly of chocolate. Rose hips are the fruits of a rose bush and contain dozens of small white-yellow rose hip oil seeds.
The high concentrations of vitamin C in the oil ensure elastin and collagen production. Together, this stimulates cell renewal. The oil penetrates deep into the skin and stabilizes the moisture balance. This also helps the oil prevent fine lines and other signs of skin aging. The high concentrations of linoleic and linolenic acid reduce hyperpigmentation. Scars and age spots can fade and diminish as a result.
The vitamin A in the rosehip oil helps reduce sebum production in the skin. When the skin produces less sebum, blackheads and other skin impurities such as acne are prevented. In addition to preventing acne, the oil also works particularly well in treating acne scars. In particular, dark (old) acne scars fade when using rosehip oil.
Reduces the visibility of scars & pigment spots
Reduces fine lines and signs of skin aging
Mixes very well with essential oils & carrier oils
Rosehip oil protects the skin and is packed with essential fatty acids that promote skin elasticity. Rosehip oil is particularly good for:
Dry skin
Mature skin
Mixed skin
Sensitive skin
100% Pure Unrefined Rosehip Oil. Free from parabens, silicones, PEGs, SLS, SLES and mineral oils. Vegan and cruelty-free. 100% pure and sustainable.

Packaged in black glass to protect against oxidation, with a dropper to minimize spillage.
Massage a few drops once a day, preferably in the evening before going to sleep, on cleansed skin. You can also use the rosehip oil very well for a homemade body butter.